Samsung introduces its S7 Edge and S7 Smartphones


Last month, Samsung introduced its new flagship Smartphones S7 and S7 Edge. Anyone wishing to buy any of them, should know that what is so special about it if compared with IPhones and other Smartphones?

The answer is clearly present in the T-Mobile video, in which Galaxy S7 is perfectly used in a swimming people.

The video shows that s7 box looks floating underwater. It means it offers protection from water.

In this video, Smartphone’s features are revealed. Water resistance is the most important part of it that has been practically shown and proved.

The most amazing part of the video is the underwater capturing of the images. The phone works perfectly correctly. It does not get any harm under water.

A film is also streamed on the phone underwater. A phone call was also made and the phone received good signals there (under water).

You can look everything in this video.

It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are more powerful than IPhone 6S. However, it depends on where you buy it.

In the European countries, this phone will be offered for sale with the Samsung developed chip ‘c’ While in other countries, it will be with the Code core Qualcomm Snap dragonflies 820 chipsets. Its Snap dragonflies 820 chip is more powerful than Apple A9 chip. It has ‘Android 6 (Marshmallow)’ operating system.

It is clear that now Samsung as brought revolution in the field of technology that Samsung introduces its S7 Edge and S7 Smartphones.