Samsung launched the inexpensive refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phone.


Samsung has announced launching a refurbished model of the Galaxy Note 7, which will begin selling July 7.

Refurbished Note 7 is named the Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE), which is developed from the Galaxy Note 7 used sections and unused models. Remember that Samsung Note 7 batteries stopped selling after several take fire incidents.

The Galaxy Note 7 (FE) has been kept at Rs 60,000, which is 30% lower than the first model. Currently it is being launched in South Korea and initially only 4 million sets are made, but the decision to sell other countries will be done later.

Samsung also upgraded its Android software on the occasion and is like Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The fingerprint reader and eye-scanner is also installed in the digital assistant named Box B of Galaxy.

Samsung has said in its press releases on this occasion that more than one additional features have been placed in the battery so that users can be protected from any unpleasant accident.

Samsung has hoped that the fan edition will pair them with a rear series with a large screen, but some internal news has found that despite the failure of Note 7, Samsung is working to release the Note 8.