Sana Safinaz – Pakistan’s Leading Design House


Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir together are the powerhouse behind the Haute Couture brand Sana Safinaz. They started working in 1989 when the fashion industry was in its infancy. With over 25 years of experience, the duo has launched hundreds of fashion collections Pret, Diffusion and Bridal Couture for national and international runways.

Sana Safinaz started their journey with bridal and formal wear for women of Pakistan. Over 20 years ago they started creating summer lawn designs for the Pakistani market. Now they regularly supply their 15 Sana Safinaz stores with lawn, silk, chiffon, velvet, net, luxury pret, winter designs, and unstitched collections both instore and online. Don’t forget to check sana safinaz collection 2019 at

Sana Safinaz Fashion Store

The designs are usually thematic and the color palette is carefully selected by Sana and Safinaz themselves. They have had regular launches for their summer lawn and winter shawl collections that are highly in demand by local and overseas Pakistanis. in 2013, they launched their first fashion retail store that now has several flagship stores all over Pakistan.

They sell a diverse variety of formal, semi-formal, party wear to casual pret wear for women of various ages. They have a chiffon, silk collection with both eastern and western influences. The retailer store will stock the latest seasonal unstitched collection with over 15 to 20 designs.

Lawn Pret and Unstitched Collection 

The lawn wear collections are usually launched at the start of spring and summer. These are called Volume I and II and they are laterally released along with Luxury Eid Collections that are also made with lawn cloth. The lawn is light summer cloth that is breathable during the scorching hot summer heat.

The designers will look to their own ethnic culture, historical architecture, nature and landscape for inspiration. Their collections will transport consumers to the places that have inspired them, with certain collections inspired by African Safari or hustle-bustle of the metropolis like Karachi, where they both are based.

Luxury Chiffon and Silk Pret  

The fashion-forward designs know their consumers want the regality and elegance of European trends infused into a familiar eastern silhouette. To merge the two contrasting fashion sensibilities, they created the Chiffon and Silk collections that are ready to wear and off the rack range. These items are at a higher-end price point that allows women to try on the designs before they make the final purchase.

Ready-Made Clothes

Women now do not want to waste their time, making rounds to the market collecting laces, buttons, and cloth. They do not want the hassle of haggling with shop keepers and craftsmen. To avoid battles with tailors and not knowing how to orchestrate expensive formal wear, these women are happy to browse the collection available at Sana Safinaz.

With the choice of buying a separate top or bottom, women can customize their formal look according to their preferences. Dresses are also available alongside A-line kameez designs, keeping their style open and fluid to the national and international markets.

Winter Pre and Unstitched Collection

They have a year-round fashion schedule of collections released for fashion shows, international exhibitions, and for their retail stores. Sana Safinaz has matched the success of its lawn collection with the Muzlin and Shawl winter collections. Women can now continue to wear contemporary and modern designs with richer and warm tones of winter. There is an extensive range of warm articles including a separate collection of winter stoles for women who want to wear western designs.

Applique Designs

An important part of the Sana Safinaz aesthetic is their understanding of Pakistani embroidery and motif making. The designer’s research and educate themselves constantly on the traditions of Kashmiri, Balochi and Sindhi embroidery and tie-dye traditions. The influence that Pakistani embroidery has on their designs can be seen in their careful composition of creating applique designs for neck, sleeves, pants.

These Applique pieces can be elaborate or simple embellishments that include long pieces of laces for front and back of the shirt, neck and back pieces, arm patches and their signature hand women golden thread lace. These are essential add-ons to their unstitched designs. Appliqué is considered a South Asian art form of needlework in which pieces of varying styles and shapes are sewn onto shirt pieces, these pieces are an important part of the Sana Safinaz collection.

Handbags & Shoes

The same class and elegance that is part of the Sana Safinaz aesthetic philosophy are also applied to their designs for handbags and shoe wear. They know today’s woman needs a one-stop-shop to cover all her formal and casual wear clothing options. They match their designs perfectly as complementary accessories with their main clothing collections. As a high street runway brand, Sana Safinaz knows how to dress their clients from head to toe and the same concept is applied to their retail store. They want their clients to feel they bought a piece of high fashion and not a simple piece of cloth. For the complete designer fashion brand experience, they have a range of bags that are both formal and casual looks. The shoes are limited selection but will be able to match with a variety of styles and designs of the seasonal collections.

Sale & Discounts

Pakistan now has regular sale seasons that include Eid, Valentines, Black Friday and even Independence Day discount deals. You can browse for different clothing brands deals and discount offers. Keeping up the times, Sana Safinaz also participates in these season sales by bringing down the price point of many clothing items and entire collections.