Sania Mirza fond of black precious cars


HYDERABAD/DAKAN: Sania Mirza fond of black precious cars. The Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza also fond of out black precious cars. Inside her ancestral home a feet of black shinning cars is existed.

At her house servants are also worn black suits. It is said by her that she has learned to live with pressure. This year was proved dreamful for me. Martina and she headed to one another.

According to description like other celebrities Sania Mirza has also an advance taste. In her ancestral home which is situated at Hyderabad Dakan a fleet of precious cars is existed in which Mercedes- Benz, BMW and Range Rover are included.

The interesting thing is this that these all cars are of black colour as well as the servants which are existed at her home also wears black suits.

Her living and dining room is not less than any post card photo. In her collection of cars she likes Mercedes – Benz most. In this regard it was said by Sania Mirza that because it was her first big car that’s why I like it most rather than others.

This year was proved most successful for Sania Mirza, During this time she accompanied by Martina Wimbledon and won the US Open women’s doubles Grand Slam titles, including 10 claimed overall.

In an essential interview Sania Mirza declared dreamful to this year of 2015. It was said by her that although my whole career was good but last 2 years was proved marvelous especially I can declare this year most dreamful. Fortunately I was been partner of Martina is not less for me.

A question was raised in the reply of this question she said that it was third comeback of Martina in her career and second of mine.

In 2010 hereinafter wrist injury I was seeing that my career is being finished. Both performances were not immense better but we both have energy to be successful.