Sara Loren film has picked out by Australian International Film Festival


LAHORE: Sara Loren film has picked out by Australian International Film Festival. The Famous Actress Sara Loren’s Bollywood film “Barkhaa” has been gone for International Film and Entertainment Festival Australia (I.F.E.F.A).

The Administration of festival selected Sara Loren’s film in foreign category for the exhibition. Be clear “Barkhaa” is the first film of Bollywood that chosen for Australian Film Festival.

In this regarding, Sara Loren told to “Express News” that it is an honour for any Artist that excellent acting of them will be appreciated. Near to me awards, which you get on your best performance and honours are not less than antiques, which are made adorn of shops


In the history of Bollywood “Barkhaa” been the drop of rain, wherefore it will be showcased in the most famous Film Festival exhibition of Australia. The response was given to me by the most countries including Bollywood on the story of film, music and my acting that I can’t narrate in words.

She said that in International Film and Entertainment Festival Australia, the films of the most countries are selected for the exhibition and then globally Talented Filmmakers and Artists are invited to attend this festival. If see from this credibility, so in the Bollywood annually more than thousand films are made, but before it not any single film was contracted in this festival. This is the clear contend that “Barkhaa”, by the way was successfully exhibited in India till several weeks and critics response gotten that was right.

Especially in Pakistan so many people said that I am not doing any work after arriving in India by which name of Pakistan will raised, so selection of “Barkhaa” in Australian Film Festival is answer of them who just do cross speaking and criticize, but do not any work themselves. She further added that in Bollywood my new project will be aside out of sight usual and I hope that when people will look it, so will get chance to know my artistic talents.