Saudi Arabia has been removed restrictions on women


According to the Arab media, Saudi government has announced to open closed cinemas over the last 37 years, in which the first cinema will be opened for the public in March 2018. The statement issued by the Saudi Minister of Culture has said that the opening of cinema houses in the country would improve the situation of economic growth, whereas the cultural sector will also provide employment opportunities.

According to the Saudi government, 300 cinemas will be opened in the country till 2030, which will be built around 2,000 screens when the licensing process will be started next week.

According to Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, several types of reforms are being made under the ‘vision 2030’ in the country, in which many restrictions on women are being removed, Under the reforms, there were restrictions removed on women’s driving and watching matches in the stadium.

It is clear that, the cinemas were banned in the saudi Arabia 1980, and cinemas are closed approximately from 37 years.

Driving Permission

The Saudi government issued a royal decree through government media, allowing women to drive, saying that women would be permitted to drive according to Islamic laws, while driving rules, similar driving licenses for men and women will be issued.

According to Saudi decree, Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz has been directed to amend traffic rules in the signature royal decree, while this order will be promptly enforced, but it will take a month to apply and review the arrangement to implement this order. Regarding taking, a committee of high level ministers will be formed which will take and take various recommendations within 30 days.

It is clear that Saudi Arabia has banned women driving since 1990, but this restriction was not officially enforced nor was part of the law, but women were not issued a driving license and allowed women to drive Special campaign was also run.

Permission to see matches in the stadium

Saudi Arabia is not allowed to attend the stadium to see women’s competition compared to Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi government is slowly changing the rules. According to reports, on the occasion of the 87st National Day of Saudi Arabia, women will also be allowed to enter Riyadh’s Shah Fahd Stadium for the first time.

According to a statement released by the Saudi government, women will come to the studio with their husbands but they will have to sit in a special section for women.


Islamic laws are strictly enforced in Saudi Arabia and women are not permitted to travel without their husbands and other activities. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. However, the Saudi government is now making economic and social reforms under “vision 2030”.