Saving human life medical drown has been prepared.


US drone in Pakistan’s name is a symbol of hatred and fear, which is that the United States violated the country’s geographical boundaries but with advance technology out of sight the aircraft indicate people trapped in the disaster-hit areas, medicines and blood supplies and healthy food can be served and it is being tried to use all over the world for construction motives.

Mosquito drown detector.

The biggest computer software making company of the world commenced a plan namely “Project Primionsion” in which drown catch mosquitoes during flying and also analyze germs exists in air and before the outbreak of a disease outbreak or to warn doctors will work. The drones will be able to stated by analyzing the laboratory mosquitoes that spread malaria and dengue is when and how the new outbreak.

Natural disaster and drown.

Drone earthquake and flood situation in the affected areas speedily and rapidly can skillfully facilitate the task of transporting drugs. Damaged areas of blood in a field camp can be made possible through immediate delivery drone. Holland’s Delft University engineers have developed the drone ambulance Prevent heart attacks, especially in the 20 mint need less space intervals are places except it most important instruments can also bring drown reach in circle of 7 miles and served these instruments. There is also an illustrated brochure and read it using these devices to a common man can use instrument and saves life of anyone.

Air Dispensary.

A Swiss company ‘ maternity ‘ this year through the successful launch of its first US medical equipment weighing 20 kg to 12 miles can be done very easily. In it medicines, food and initial medicine instruments are present. Papua New Guinea and the people of Haiti to send in remote and difficult areas have been demonstrated. This drown can fly through mobile app and also control. Weight extraordinary capacity to lead the dispensary said it was flying in the air, and the technology is commercially available. Just earthquake in Pakistan, floods and other disasters and drones showing imagine how difficult that can be solved by the invention.