Saving Money on Camping Meals


When the warm weather comes around, everything lights up. The urge to go hiking and camping grows exponentially. It feels like you have been caged for ages. The one thing that does not realize the intensity and joy of the warm weather is money. Although you want to have fun, money can be an issue. However, there are ways to save money and still have tones of fun while camping.


How to get camping food cheaply


Food is an essential part of life. Going camping is fun but buying food is expensive. It is not fun going camping while you are starving. For this reason, it is excellent that you find ways to eat delicious and healthy food without incurring extra costs.


·Carry foods that one can eat with their hands. This means that when you think about camping food, you think hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausages. They are cheaper and will not require you to buy many plates


·Make camping more fun by going fishing! Whenever you can and if you can, go fishing with your team. It is a great way to pass the time and of course, get fresh food for dinner and lunch.


·Dehydrate and prepare your food before you go camping. This way, your food will stay fresh for longer and will not need you to carry excess baggage.


·Throw in individual bags of chips and cookies whenever you can. It is a great way to have a snack and keep people full, so they eat less during the main meals.


How to make your camping food

An excellent way to prepare your meals is to have them ready before you leave for the camping trip. It is easy to find some ethnic recipes online, which ensures that you will enjoy good food while camping. These are not expensive, and they keep you nourished

while you explore the great outdoors.



During your trip, eggs are a convenient go-to meal. Before you leave, beat the eggs, add in the spices you love – pepper, onions, garlic and everything else. Once you have done this, pour this mixture into a bag and putting the bags into your cooler. When you need to eat you boil a pot of water, put in the bags, and let them cook for about 10- 15 minutes. Once done, slide the omelet out of the bags and enjoy!


·Egg sandwiches

Another great alternative is to make sandwiches beforehand, cover them in foil, or put them in a bag. When they need to be consumed, all you have to do is unwrap them, put them on the coal or your camp grill, let them warm and you have the perfect breakfast.



Camping does not have to be so expensive. You also do not need to carry a ton of bags. All you have to do is pick out healthy food that can be stored in a cool place and warmed when needed. These are just a few tips on what you could do in your camping and fun ways to dine like a king!