Scientists have been developed a car which is controlled by thinking.


BERLIN: You have watched a lot of vehicles which are controlled by thinking in science fiction films but in reality scientists prepared such like a car which can just control by thinking only.

Experts developed a new model of BMW I 3 which is run by electric in like manner that driver can control it by thinking. According to experts in the driving seat of the car has been specially fixed the mechanical rag which is moved breaks and steeling wing according to driver thinking and when driver sits on seat so Electrooculography (EOG/E.O.G.) is fixed on his head which is issued instructions in move.

During driving when driver is thought that he wants to turn it left or right side or stop so car is moved according to his thinking but for it driver is given a special training. For example: The driver will bring to mind the concept of floating bubbles car will turn left. In other words the driver thinking in translates that into the software commands while fixed rag in it is followed the instructions.