Seamless Movement Of Logistics


One of the problems that manufacturers, exporters and stakeholders face in various levels of the supply chain is the inability to get the logistics moving to a plan. While some dimensions or components of a logistics chain may be strong enough, the weaknesses of other links in the chain may impact the overall efficiency of businesses in transporting consignments to the destinations on time. Here is a good look at freight services of repute who offer hassle free movement.

Extensive network

One of the most important needs of freight services is the need to have an extensive and well established network spread out across the globe. This will ensure that effective liaison will result in timely movement of consignments across global locations. The absence of a strong network will severely impact the effectiveness of a service to handle consignments. Freight services that do not have a strong network often end up relying on associates or affiliates to help liaise in the shipment. This comes loaded with the possibilities of communication gaps and movement of consignments that may not be as seamless as desired. An agency that handles all aspects of the movement of consignments will certainly be a lot better than an agency that relies on another.

Avoid demurrage

Without the right resources, such as infrastructure, liaison, documentation and license, consignments are likely to attract demurrage due to delays in clearing. It is therefore important to use reputed international freight services who possess the right kind of infrastructure and resources to handle the movement of consignments. This will avoid delays and prevent the payment of demurrage which can severely affect the bottom lines of operations. Delays and demurrage have a greater impact than just the direct financial stress. A delay can lead to possible loss of further business and severely dent the reputation of a freight services provider.

Full suite of services

Another crucial factor that needs to be considered when choosing a service provider is the range of services offered. It would be a good option to choose the services of an agency that offers all services including Air and Sea freight services, Import/ Export, Customs Clearance, FCL/LCL/airfreight, Project cargo, heavy industry, Ocean freight FAK, breakbulk handling and warehousing services. This will ensure that at every stage of the movement of consignments, the agency will be in a position to handle requirements. An agency that offers the full suite of services will have a well oiled mechanism that works to a plan, like little cogs in a wheel, and superior processes that offer greater efficiency in transshipments.

Assistance in warehousing requirements

Depending on the nature of consignments and the destination, warehousing services may be required for clients. It is therefore important to choose a service provider who offers warehousing support, including the necessary stevedoring and handling requirements. The role of service providers in handling the freight requirements should ideally not be limited to a particular activity or a segment, but should be more of an end to end service. By opting for a service provider who will partner with you throughout the movement of the consignment, it will be easier to be aware of the actual status and achieve swift movement.

Experience matters most

When it comes to a question of logistics, experience can make the difference between a successful consignment movement and a failed/delayed movement. And this can cost dearly to a business, not just in terms of the business lost due to delayed delivery, it can result in a potential loss of further business due to damaged reputations. It is therefore necessary to be associated with the most experienced teams who have their own reputation at stake. A service provider with the right kind of experience would be better equipped to handle unique or special demands. For instance, consignments that require special clearance will certainly benefit from the expertise of teams who have handled similar requirements earlier. Additional documentation and handling experience of teams will ensure the seamless movement of consignments.

Ability to handle volumes and specialist cargo

An agency is judged by its ability to handle different volumes of cargo and specialist requirements. One of the advantages of using the services of a company that handles all cargo, is the experience. This effectively means that the company will have the necessary infrastructure to handle anything, which translates into greater safety for all products. Additionally, the logistics partner will have the necessary resources to take care of the documentation and the compliance requirements as mandated by the authorities. A large number of consignments get delayed due to improper documentation and the inability to pass muster when it comes to meeting the obligations of port authorities. Being associated with a service provider who is comfortable handling various sizes and volumes of shipments helps in moving consignments of any size.