Selfie ring makes your selfie more better.


TOKYO: Selfie lovers man and women know very well that how important role of light and accurate angle in selfie and now a Japanese photographer made a light ring for a good selfie which can be easily fixed in the phone camera.

The name given to this instrument is “Ciara” which is attached with any Smartphone with the help of a clip and also was designed in such like manner that it is reduced the shadow and make photo more cleared.

It is increased light in the eyes who is taken selfie and shown skin beautiful. By which photo is looked very attractive. Till now its inventor did not tell the cost of selfie ring and also did not tell it that when he will sell this instrument in market.

He wants to make it successful through crowd funding and for it he has started online campaign. Two pencil cells are fixed in this selfie ring which is attached with Smartphone with the help of clip.

However like it another case is available in market which cost is 400 rupees. In which LED light gives immense light on face and make selfie bright.