Senior National Kabaddi Men – Indian Railways have registered a big win


Pawan Sehrawat is leading Indian Railways; however, Naveen Kumar is continually taking their team to the next level. Vikash Kandola & Pawan Sehrawat has already carried their considerable amount of momentum in the final day in Senior National Kabaddi Championship.  They have already got a role in the team.  Star-Studded services team has already got so many big wins on a day. They have entered into a semi-final. Indian Railways also had done short work of Haryana during the quarter final. There are so many great players are available in the Kabaddi team, and Naveen Kumar is one of them who have become MVP of the Pro Kabaddi League.

He becomes a great kabaddi player with his exceptional performance in Season 7.  This player already played properly in the Season 7 and earned MVP title and becomes a third player in the history of PKL who have earned 300 points in a single season. Naveen breaks the record of Pardeep Narwal & high-flyer Pawan Sehrawat.  Naveen was entering the professional kabaddi when this player is selected as NYP (New Young Player).

FKH program

Naveen is already selected in the FKH program. It is one of the great programs that is helping youngsters to move forward in their lives.  It is already considered as one of the great programs that are started by Mashal Sports that is already giving a chance to kids to make something big. Naveen is already advising youngsters to make something big in the Kabaddi tournaments. If you are one who has good stamina, flexibility, speed, then you will surely be able to improve yourself.  When you are working with seniors, then it is your responsibility to do the training properly without getting any break.


Naveen said that I was a little bit emotional when our team lost the final.  After the match, our coach said that you should keep the heads high. We have done a lot of great things throughout the season. Our coach is motivating us to work harder for the upcoming season. No one stops us from achieving the goal.

Kabaddi team is struggling in Corona.

  •       The novel Coronavirus has brought some sort of changes in every person’s life. There are so many tournaments that have been canceled, and seasons are suspended.
  •       Indian athletes are also facing a lot of issues in the homes and training camps. They have to change their daily routines.
  •       It will take a lot of time to back on the track. Cricketers, Athletes, and other players are frustrated in the quarantine and spending precious time with their family members.
  •       It is one of the most difficult times for them because they will have to follow diet genuinely.

There are so many popular athletes that are continually doing training in the home. The basic exercise is also great that will surely be able to keep fit and busy. Make sure that you are investing a considerable amount of time in yoga on a regular basis during morning and evening that will keep you calm.

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