SEO Myths that are Hurting your Business



When it comes to web entrepreneurs, SEO is the most common word that comes out of their mouths. With that said, it is normal to find people twisting information about the same. For this reason, we need to get SEO right for the benefit of our business. Certain myths ought to be disregarded since they misguide people; especially the new web entrepreneurs. Some of these myths revolving around SEO have been discussed below.

  • The faster you react to Google algorithms, the more you gain success.

The myth states that the moment Google updates its organic search ranking algorithm, a web entrepreneur ought to change it too to stay updated at all times. The reality of this fact is, different search engines always work in different ways to ensure that their search algorithms become the best in the market. Algorithms change so many times. Does this mean that you’ll keep on updating daily? Always ensure that you work on the significant updates only and not the minor ones.

  • Provided you have optimized in Google; you don’t need to worry about other search sites.

This myth is very misleading. Google is the most common search engine, but we should pay attention to other upcoming sites. An example is the Bing that is becoming popular at a very alarming speed. People will consider Bing in a few years. Google values backlinks when ranking is considered. However, Bing pays more attention to keyword domain, user engagement, and many more. If you want your website to get a high percentage on web traffic, make sure that more attention is given to at least the top three search engines such as Google, Bing, and Baidu.

  • Https is not that useful unless you want to engage in trade.

Many people have conceived that https encryptions are only necessary for individuals who engage in e-commerce. This belief is entirely wrong. According to Google, they give more priority to content that comes with the Https lock. This is because the lock shows some confidentiality, another level of integrity and more so it gives identity to the website. One should prioritize encrypting their sites rather than leaving them blank. Take an example of big companies in the world that use Https such as Facebook or even Google itself.

  • High content is key

The myth is, for one to rank higher in Google, they need to write content that is relevant and unique. Without discouraging anyone, that statement may not be correct. This is because the content is just one of the many requirements. Take an example of board members sitting around a table waiting to make a major decision. Let content be one of the board members. Though its point may be valid, it has to wait for other board members to make the final decision.  Example of the other board members in our scenario is user experience, backlinks, keywords, and many more. Make sure that your whole website is optimized rather than concentrating on one issue for long.

  • To get higher rankings, hire an SEO expert.

People think that by hiring individuals who have specialized in SEO, there is a guarantee on top ranking. However, this is false! How do you rely on other people to do this for you in this era? You may require an expert to help in things like competitive auditing but not quick rankings. For one to increase their chances of getting ranked, one should put into consideration certain things such as keyword, backlinks, Meta description, design and many more. An individual can check their ranking on Google on their own by using the best rank tracking tools at SERPBook.


Certain myths never seem to die no matter how hard experts try to explain it. These myths tend to confuse most people. However, one should take the initiative of learning more about anything relating to SEO to avoid getting misdirected. Some myths may cost you a fortune thus the more need to brush them off.