Shahid Kapoor has been ready to get Marry.


The Bollywood’s Actor’s marriages news are being rotated in surrounding media, but the truth of his life has been come in front on this auspicious occasion and the date of his wedding has been confirmed. His wedding will be held in June in this year not at all in December with the girl who is resident of Delhi namely Meera Rajput. As a result he has been cancelled his shooting of “Farzi” movie in June, according to news Shahid Kapoor talked to the movie Directors Raj and Krishna to increase forward schedule of shooting, because he cannot do its shooting in June.

It is identified by the Director of movie that the film shooting of “Farzi” will be delay, however story of film has been completed only discussion of script with artists is still remained. It was further said by them that film shooting is done in June but due to wedding of Shahid Kapoor it will not shoot in June.