Shahrukh khan proves himself better than Salman khan


Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan criticizing Salman Khan’s hosting said that there is no better host in Bollywood than me.

Actor Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are counted in the actors of Bollywood’s forefront actors; both do rules on the Indian film industry, whereas the number of fans of both is in millions in worldwide including India.

Apparently, each two’s friends have been rival in the past, even they did not like to talk to each other, but during a ceremony, both of them forgot their hostility became friends, But also today, no one does not leave a chance to show themselves better than others.

During a ceremony, when asked a question from Shahrukh Khan “Who is the best award show host of the Bollywood,” he declared himself best.

Shahrukh Khan said that honestly, I am a better host and nobody, I host the best and I do not lie, I do not have to read as a promoter like other hosts.

If I have to make a change in the show at the last time, I take care of everything when Salman brother says in such a situation that “now I can’t come, I will come in an hour”.

He described his praises and said, “As a host, my personality is very attractive, even if he does dance, speak English as well as Hindi, I am not far away from anyone else.”

Being a talented actor, Shah Rukh Khan’s fascinating resistance is also very good, and all these were saying in a joke that he acknowledged at the end of his talk.

He said that all are very good, I was joking, I only host a Filmfare award-show, while other actors host more shows and do all the best.

It is clear that Shahrukh Khan will be hosting the 63rd Filmfare Awards 2018 event this month, which will be held on January 20.