Shakira has become the most famous personality on Facebook


Shakira has become the most famous personality on Facebook. Singer Shakira has left behind her companions singers Eminem and Rihanna and together with more than 8 Crore 64 Lac fan has been the most famous personality in contract with Facebook of the world.

The quantity of Shakira fans on Facebook now is more than 8 Crore 64 Lac 20 Thousand and 722 while on the second no is her singer friend Rihanna whose fans quantity is 8 Crore 62 Lac 71 Thousand 591.

In the list third no is also of the singer Eminem and the quantity of her fans is 8 Crore 39 Lac 35 Thousand and 160. The famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jackson, Vin Diesel, Katy Perry, Will Smith, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are in sequence on 10 ranks of the list.

It is said by the Singer Shakira in contract with her page of Social Media that she always wanted to increase quantity of her fans but I never thought that her fans quantity will be huge rapidly.

It was further added by her that it is really a milestone which I have achieved and this is honoured to me that I have a huge number of fans in contract with social media who like me.

I have been really surprised to see it that what wish I had now has become fulfilled. It is also remembered that her companion singers Eminem and Rihanna are also on second and third rank and there is not much difference between her and hers friends’ fans quantity.