Shane Warne sex scandal’s embarrassing messages unveiled.


SYDNEY: Shane Warne sex scandal’s embarrassing messages unveiled. He has been bowled several of well known batsmen by his magic spell of bowling.

Shane Warne is well known Australian well known bowler who has been discredited several time in sex scandals after his retirement and now infamous sex scandal website via tender blonde American Beauty Queen on their messages have been shameful and obscene.

According to Australian Media Shame Warne during the messaging at Tender namely website arrested in the love of golden blonde hair queen that They crossed all limits of morality and losers in such messages were not worthy of them.

It was said by the American beauty queen that I am really surprised that Shane Warne knows about my boyfriend except it he continuously send embarrassing messages to me but she adopted very bad attitude with him.

It was said by her that by the messages of Shane it cannot identify that he is 40 or more years old while he knows very young.

It was claimed by her that the messages are being exchanged between Shane and her till 8 months. Meanwhile he continued to call for a meeting.

It was further added by her that when she met with her boyfriend last month Shane Warne argued on it. The last serious relationship with a woman Lazhar established.

It is cleared that before sometime Shane Warne, the famous Australian model Emily Scott adorned with the headline of the news media were dating.