During the shooting of film “Ek Pehli Leela” The Bollywood Gorgeous Actress Sunny Leone has been suffered out of sight Skin Disease.


In that movie she was wore sunglasses like Rajni Kant and also acted like him.

MUMBAI: Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone is busy in the shooting of a movie, recently when she was shooting a scene intruded in a skin disease.

During shooting allergy was held in contract with body of Sunny Leone and red marks are on hers’ whole body, film cast and all team immediately called the doctors, who gave medicine to Sunny Leone, during shooting she took some rest and after ending red marks she once again took part in shooting, She wore sunglasses and appear acted like Rajni Kant in her film’s song “Saiyan Super Star” of film “Ek Pehli Leela”.

She was voicing and tweeted that she is not a star while she is only a common girl, who like to work, and wrote that with passing time my surrounding peoples were also changed, then I had to change with time and succeed in it. And on 10th of April, 2015 the movie will be released.