Signs that your Period is Coming Soon



For women, menstruation is normal. It is still painful and uncomfortable as hell, but you understand the importance of Periods.

90% of women have pre-menstruation syndrome system. If you haven’t experienced PMS symptoms yet, you may at some point of your reproductive life. PMS symptoms are felt 1 or 2 weeks before periods and are equally discomforting. Doctors all around the world believe that hormonal change and a chemical released from the brain is the reason behind this. But even the experts are clueless as to why hormonal changes will cause bloating or Acne.

PMS symptoms are an indication of the fact that your Periods are due anytime soon. It is good to be familiar with period signs because then we can be prepared.

Since most women get PMS symptoms, they might have a checklist. For others who are not, below are 8-period signs for your knowledge.

  1. Acne breakouts

Teen years are the time when we experience most acne breakouts. But adult women feel their skin breaking out before the arrival of their periods. The reason behind this is the hormonal changes that women experience at this time. When your menstruation is about to start, hormones levels rise. The rising level activates sebum oil. It clogs the pores, and you get pimples and acne.

  1. White discharge from Vagina

Discharge from your vagina is normal throughout your menstruation cycle. When your periods are near, you start noticing a milky discharge from your body. It is a sure sign that you will get periods in a week time or so. The rest of the time, vaginal discharge is clear and watery. So, when you start seeing white discharge before periods, be prepared and keep a menstruation pad handy at all times.

  1. You feel your breast changing

Another sign that your periods are on the way is when your breasts start to change. If they feel tender or swollen, it is time for you to pack a pad with you. The reason behind breast changes is related to prolactin which is the breastfeeding hormone. The hormonal connection is just a hypothesis by doctors they are not sure.

  1. You get painful cramps

Abdominal and back cramps are common PMS symptoms. Unlike other symptoms, they start a day or two before periods come and last for the entire duration. The cramps are different from normal back and leg pains and thus it is an easy indicator for periods.

  1. Mood swings are felt more often

Mood swings are considered classic signs of PMS and periods. The shift in hormones causes extreme mood swings. The reason behind the emotional stress caused by hormones is not known. Mood swings are just as real and painful as physical symptoms. Chocolates and comfort food usually help with this.

  1. You feel slightly depressed and anxious

Some women start feeling anxious or depressed before their menstruation. If she has a history of depression or anxiety, it can become a serious issue. Sudden anxiety or depression in a woman can be a symptom of PMS or some other serious illness.

  1. Stomach problems

When your periods are fast approaching, your stomach starts giving you troubles. You may either get constipation or diarrhea. Also, due to water retention, you might feel bloated or gassy. For curbing bloating, you should cut back on salt. Moreover, eat more fruits, vegetable, and exercise regularly. It will help will help with not only with stomach problems but with cramps too.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the worst PMS symptoms according to me. It is a vicious cycle in which you feel tired and sleepy, but you don’t get proper sleep. The shift in hormones makes you restless disturbing your sleep cycle. So, you are left tossing and turning around.

How many of these symptoms felt familiar to you? Hit me in the comments below!