Similarity Check: A Unique Plagiarism Screening Tool


Technology has revolutionized the modern era, and the internet serves as an information store that is having vast information related to everything in this world. All of the information available on the internet is accessible on a single click. Initially, the ideas available on the internet were original, but due to its usage by millions of users worldwide, now it has limited original content.

It is challenging to find unique content these days. People are involved in copying the ideas of others and presenting those ideas as their own creation. This procedure of copying ideas and presenting them as your own, without having consent from the creator is called plagiarism. Using plagiarized content has reached a peak these days. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a plagiarism check.

 Importance of Removing Plagiarism

Documents either of academic nature or general are required to undergo a plagiarism check in order to minimize the level of plagiarism from them. Depending on the nature of the document, there is a certain level of plagiarism allowed by the universities. While writing an academic paper, your document can contain less than 2% plagiarism.

But sometimes publishing something over the internet requires zero plagiarism as well. Removing or reducing plagiarism or document having 0% plagiarism indicates the originality of the document. Therefore, it is considered as authentic. Every publisher wants his/her writing pieces to be considered authentic. Therefore, it is necessary to remove plagiarism.

 How to Check Plagiarism Online?

These days, for plagiarism check, different software or tools are available online. In the past, traditional methods were used mostly involving human detection to identify plagiarism for any book or paper that was written. But this method remained unsuccessful in grabbing much attention as it was time taking and lengthy. During recent technological development, the process of plagiarism check also revolutionized as it led to the development of different software or web tools for plagiarism checks that is now available online.

These tools are successful in overcoming the difficulties that were being faced in traditional methods. Each software tool that is available online has a different format to operate. Some of them offer services free of cost, whereas others might provide similar services on payments. Most users prefer to use online plagiarism check tools, which are available for free. There are various free of cost similarity detector tools available online for conducting a plagiarism check. This plagiarism checker online tools not only detect plagiarism but also provide the list of specific passages which have similar content, so a user can remove similarity to make his/her text unique.

 Best Tools for Checking Plagiarism Online

For conducting a plagiarism check, of all the available online tools, mostly preferred tools are listed below:


This is rated among one of the top software or tools available for plagiarism check. There is no need for any kind of registration to use this site. Just open to get access to this tool and get results within no time. However, the word limit is up to 1000 words for a single run. One of the best qualities that make this tool unique is the display of results within seconds. You just have to copy the text that is needed for plagiarism check and paste it into the provided box. It will also highlight the plagiarized text with a link to the sources from where it is taken.

Users can directly upload a file to check out its plagiarism or can check plagiarism by just entering the URL. After checking plagiarism, the user can download the report to share it. The report provides a completely formatted view of both unique and plagiarized content. DupliChecker also offers its users to check the grammar of their content for free by just clicking on the Grammar Check button.


SearchEngineReports Plagiarism checker free tool analyzes the provided text in depth. It scans the content that users enter in it and highlights plagiarized content. The content which is plagiarized is highlighted red, whereas unique text is highlighted in green. The document can be uploaded either from Dropbox or device storage. It also enables the user to compare duplicate content with a similar one available on the internet. This plagiarism checker tool usually takes seconds to deliver 100% precise results.

The unique feature of this tool is the Exclude URL option. Users can add 5 URLs which he/she wants to ignore while checking plagiarism.


If one is looking for a plagiarism checker free, then it can be the best choice to check plagiarism. It is a unique tool and provides users with advanced features. The user is required to copy text from the desired document and has to paste it into the given space provided by the tool. Then there is the option of the “Check Plagiarism” button. After clicking it, the results will be generated and displayed in seconds. The copied text, if any, would be highlighted in red. It is a simple, free, and fast online tool which provides quality results. It also allows you to upload documents from Google Drive and Dropbox.