Singer Janet Jackson sister of Michael Jackson has been announced to accept Islam.


LOS ANGELES: American Pop Singer Janet Jackson sister of Michael Jackson has been surely made an announcement to accept Islam.

49 years old Janet Jackson was got married to billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012. She was immense impressed by them and accepted Islam and also left wearing unseemly customs.

It was said by Singer Janet in regarding of conversion in Islam that she had also told to her family members about it on which they supported me. Janet Jackson is taken out enormous time to study Islamic preaching.

Meanwhile, she was also excused out of sight attending Heart Radio Music Festival. British newspaper ‘ The Sun ‘ , referring to a source close to the singer told that Janet Jackson after intruding in the circle of Islam is very relax and satisfy and also has been very far away from adult dance and sex music.

She has also been renounced World tour music shows. The newspaper ‘ The Sun ‘ , adding that Janet Jackson is even willing to say ” Unbreakable ” Music World Tour shows have also been abandoned and further stated that Janet Jackson also said IN-SHA-ALLAH and then refused to do work.

Another side according to the Las Vegas “Review Journal” report that she had some problem in her ear that’s why she could not go Music Festival.

It is cleared that except the brother Michael Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, her sisters while Randy Jackson and Jermaine Jackson also included in her brothers and there are also other brothers of Janet Jackson except them.