Slap Aamir Khan and get reward of 1 million, Hindu Extremists


MUMBAI: Slap Aamir Khan and get reward of 1 million, Hindu Extremists. The Hindu Extremist Party Shiv Sena has crossed all the limits and fixed reward of 1 million for that who will slap to Bollywood Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan while this announcement was made by them on Wednesday by the Punjab Unit of Shiv Sena.

The Punjab Chairman of Shiv Sena, Rajeev Tandon offered this reward. It was announced by them when Shiv Sena was being protested rather the workers of party used abusive language for him this is not at all enough they also burnt photos of actor.

The Actor who spoke against the rising extremists in India and poisoned is being mixed towards Shiv Sena the Hindu Extremist Party and their opposition is increasing.

The extremist party wants to cross its’ all limits and then show capacity of it. For which the party has attacked in contract with very much famous Bollywood artists with snake and now hereinafter the narration of Bollywood well known Actor Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan the extremist party Shiv Sena has fixed 1 million reward for that who will slap the Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan.

The growing climate of intolerance which have been identified. It is cleared that it was said by Aamir Khan 3 days ago in a program that many events that take place in them, particularly consideration of his wife forced to leave the country however he also felt also increased the sense of insecurity in the country strongly.