So many people in Bollywood are envious and jealous from my success. Kangana Ranaut.


MUMBAI: It was said by Kangana Ranaut Queen of Bollywood that the several connecting people of filming world are envious and jealous out of sight her success, are envious from her reputation.

It was said by the Bollywood Queen in an giving interview to Indian Media not easy to gain a foothold in the Indian film city. There is a lot of competition and people are strived a lot to humiliating.

I have been striving and hard working since 10 years. Now i do not have any other path except this career.

It was further said Kangana Ranaut Queen of Bollywood that huge people are envious and jealous from me and are being hit my success’ and pending films.

She wants to reach suck like destination in film city where hereinafter reaching nobody can beat her that’s why she is being strived. She hopes she will soon make her position.

It is cleared that Actress gave immense Block Buster Films which was intruded in 100 million club.