Solutions to all bilateral issues including Kashmir are Pakistan and India’s own responsibility.


It was said by the Unites States Department’s spokesman John Kirby that to solve all bilateral issues comprehending Kashmir are their own responsibilities of Pakistan and India.

It was said by United States spokesman John Kirby during a briefing in Washington that in the city of Russia Ufa hereinafter the meeting of Pak-India Prime Ministers National Security Advisors move the talks was encouraging.

But the cancellation of the talks is a disappointing thing. This is work of Pakistan and India to solve all bilateral issues including Kashmir that is why we insist on negotiations.

It was said by John Kirby that during the United Nation General Assembly US Secretary of State John Kirby met with delegations of Pakistan and India does not have any schedule because betimes Johan Kirby was immense busy.

It was said by Unites States department spokesman that in regarding of Afghanistan the United States did not create any new strategies.

Our position is that we can only talk to the Taliban I had enriches what I have done and we condemn terrorism openly. Peace in Afghanistan for the US led Afghan government does support the talks.