Some Factors that Affect Your Mind


We all want a healthy and active mind the ability of the brain causes us to be alive and thinking. But sometimes certain external forces are affecting the performance of our brain some of which include increased mental activity and some powers due to decrease in these activities.

Everyday items and events are being replaced with ultra-fast our brain. In today’s article you read about a few things and try to keep yourself safe from the Navigation.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may have serious impact on the children’s minds like during the war a soldier mind.

Forget things

Forget the things that are good for the brain. Eliminating unnecessary information helps maintain the nervous system performance.

According to scientists

According to scientists, it forces the brain to avoid food that they ate themselves.

Chronic stress

Chronic time pressure is already low and could undermine the life of your brain.

Lack of oxygen

If lack of oxygen to the brain 5 to 10 minutes brain may be completely paralyzed.


This is proved by a research that would power a change in the slightest element of human compassion and the ability to think.

Straight way

The brain is not divided into left and right parts this is consistent with a continued performance.

Chocolate fragrance

The increase theta waves of brain and the softened by the scent of chocolate.


No one has forgotten the use of alcohol but the brain is temporarily suspended to create memories.

Brain rejection

Brain rejection does feel like a physical pain.

40 years

By age 40, your brain is constantly developing and then now how do you enable it?

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is attacking the brain in different ways the reduction in capacity and the resulting reaction is slow.