Some natural nutrients that protect hair from baldness


Head hair is the main factor of our personality, but due to the unhealthy diet, economic and social problems or any disease, their fall has become a common problem today.

There are various types of shampoo, soaps, cream and lotions available in the market to prevent hair loss, softening and enhancing them, which are either unusual and if they are standard, their cost is far from purchasing.

In other words, you can call it home remedies for hair loss. It’s a casual method you can apply to your hair.

You don’t need to be anxious further. You don’t need to go anywhere, no need to search other treatment on Google or no need to mess with search engines even you won’t have to find the best treatment clinics in the USA or further hair loss treatment in Delhi etc.

 Onion juice

Onions do not just make your diet delicious, rather also a wonderful way to increase hair, because Sulfur is found in an onion juice, which is very important for the hair to grow. Take out two or four onion juice and massage in hair for 15 minutes to an hour then wash the hair with shampoo and water.

Potato juice

Mixing potatoes juice with onions juice massage on the hair rapidly grows healthy hair. Potato Juice not only increases the hair, but it also treats hair affected by any reason. Potato is rich in vitamins A, B, and C, which is considered to be the main requirement of the human body. The mixture of juice 3 potatoes and a yolk of egg and one spoon of honey are useful for hair.

Egg white

The main protein is found in the egg, which is considered to be the best for hair growth. The mixture of one or two eggs whit, one spoon olive oil, and honey is beneficial for hair.

 Apple vinegar

The apple vinegar has a lot of advantages for hair inside itself. It speeds up the growth rate by creating a movement in hair roots or bags.


Fenugreek is used primarily from various parts of the world for the growth of healthy hair. Mix two or three spoon Fenugreek in water and apply on hair.

Almond oil

Vitamin E, D, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, and Fats present in almond oil make hair healthy and shiny. These have been helped to rescue from baldness.

Omega-three fatty acids

To protect hair from falling down, it is important that you take care of your diet. Use food in the diet, which contains Omega-three fatty acids, because it reaches the skin of the inner head strengthening hair roots. Remember that fish and dry fruits are the best sources of Omega-three fatty acids.

Protein-rich foods

The use of milk, Lentils, fish, white meat, yogurt, cheese, beans, eggs, and soybean can prevent fallen hair because they are full of protein.

Iron-rich foods

Make sure to use eggs, red meat, leafy vegetables, dry fruits, bean, Lentils, and soybean because iron is found in it, which is essential for the best development of hair.

Maybe you’ve applied these things and the consequence is zero.

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