The Moorish  Almudaina imperial palace and 13th-century Santa María Cathedral. Stone-built villages comprise Pollença, with its art galleries plantations. Hills and Moorish remains. Mediterranean. It is famous for shore hotels, sheltered coves, limestone And music festival, and hillside Fornalutx, surrounded by citrus.

The area and leaders inside the Balearic Islands: Món d’Aventura. The North of mallorca is the place kayaking. Not Just You Will Be amazed with the scenery and wash waters, However You appreciate Some of the firms’ support, Specialists in sports and adventure activities with more than 20 Decades of experience .

Due to the calm waters of Mallorca and our three hundred days of sunshine annually, you’ll be able to even apply kayaking and canoeing all year around. you’ll be able to discover the fresh facet of the North of Mallorca from a completely totally different perspective: turquoise and crystalline waters, large cliffs, stunning bays, beaches and coves, secret water caves, natural rock bridges, reefs, life of all sizes and colors, etc you can get more info about kayak Mallorca

The Puerto Pollensa Bay region is the perfect place for a holiday trip awarded the sheltered nature of the bay which leads to minimal waves which makes it much more pleasurable to spend the morning holiday season. There are tons of interesting features along the shore, like caves, blow holes and rugged inlets, which the guide will point out to you on the way.

Kayaking can be a fantastic fun sport for the entire family. Món d’Aventura provides all the necessary equipment and professional advice to guarantee a truly sensational day at sea. It kayaking doctrine, from household to cruise-kayaking, always combines stunning scenery, wildlife, snorkeling in paradisiacal areas and a lot of fun! The calm waters of Mallorca, our 300 days of sunshine per year, along with the spectacular scenery are excellent for kayaking! A very unique experience to practice all year round. The excursions in kayak are the ideal activity to enjoy the summer.

In addition to being the famous vacation destination of Spain’s royal household, Mallorca tops the list of Spain’s greatest islands, and has been voted the second best island in Europe and the sixth best in the entire world by Trip Advisor. The island was a huge inspiration for countless artists, musicians and writers,  that have flocked to the shores looking for inspiration.

The very impressive site on the island is Le Seu cathedral in Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital. The cathedral is built on the website of a former Arab mosque. It’s among the greatest gothic cathedrals in the world; its nave reaching to 44 meters tall (in contrast, the nave of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is a mere 33 meters). Mallorca isn’t merely a paradise for beach lovers and culture fans – it’s home to a broad selection of sports, from mountain biking through its slopes to many water sport practised off its beaches.