Sony introduced 2 new best smart phones.


Sony has introduced its 2 new smart phones Xperia M Flo and Xperia C Flo dual in which front camera was fixed of 13 MP (Mega Pixels). Ultra Dual Xperia C Flo the file back camera and front camera sensors are equipped with 13 MP (Mega Pixels).

Such like Xperia M Flo was offered with 21.5 MP (Mega Pixels) back camera while its front camera is of is equipped with 13 MP (Mega Pixels) front camera sensor.

According to Sony it was happened first time that both cameras of any smart phone is similar. Both censored and HD cameras with Sony Pictures and videos exist for building. Through Auto Scene Mode photos and video for automatic settings have been adjusted.

Xperia C Flo Screen is of 6 inches which has complete feature of HD (High Definition) display and IPS while 2 GB (Giga Byte) ram and 1.7 GHZ (Giga Hertz) is also a part of it. In it comparison Xperia M Flo dual has 5 inched HD (High Definition) display 2 GHZ (Giga Hertz) processor, 3 GB (Giga Byte) ram and it is completely water proof.