Start Your Foods and Merchandise Business with a Cargo Bike


Along with the high level of pollution recently, governments in many countries put efforts to minimize it. One of them is by limiting the use of engine vehicles and going back to manual and traditional ones. Well, riding a bike is one of them.

Unfortunately, riding a bike for transportation is probably a good idea. But you may not use it for other needs like business particularly if you need to load products whether they are foods, drinks, or merchandise. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no solution at all. Some bike producers have launched a kind of unique product, it is a cargo bike. Just like the name, it is a type of bike with cargo to load merchandise.

The cargo itself has a quite wide size depending on the series of the cargo bike. It is placed whether in front of or in the rear area of the bike. Many product types can be loaded there including packed foods or snacks, drinks, books, daily needs, and many more. So, if you are interested in starting your business using a cargo bike, here is what you must prepare.

Determine the Business to Start

Some products or merchandise can be sold using a cargo bike indeed. But sure, you cannot sell them all. It is more effective to choose one or two products that are related to each other. For example, they are snacks and drinks or maybe, food ingredients. You must remember that the bike is basically only the media. Therefore, you must still pay attention more to the products. Make sure to have qualified products at reasonable prices to make the business raised well.

Aside from the products, you must also determine the route. Using a cargo bike means that you must go around to offer them and get customers. Conduct small research first to know areas where you can gain customers the most.

Register the Business

No matter what kind of business it is, you must make it legal to avoid problems being faced later. Of course, it depends on when you are living. In fact, in some countries, certain businesses are allowed to run without the owner must register it first.

A legal entity gives you some benefits. First, it protects you from people who may not like you are running a business in such a way. Yes, when you are biking around while offering the product, some people may think that it is disturbing enough. So, in case you are experiencing such a thing, you can defend yourself.

Peddlers also often face a problem when selling. Sometimes, you must face security staff who thinks that your activity is disturbing. It is possible also that you are wrongly choosing a route in which a peddler is not allowed to enter. The legal entity is more than just giving you protection from law violations but also gives you insight first in what area that you cannot visit.

Register the Tax

Tax is a duty for all citizens with terms and conditions. In some countries, peddlers don’t need to register their business mainly if the profit is considered quite small. But in other countries, the tax is for anyone no matter how their business conditions. This way, the next step to do after registering the legal entity is registering the tax. For this matter, you need to learn first in what category your business is included. Going directly to the tax office is more recommended to get the most accurate information.

Market Your Business

Marketing is the next essential point for your business’ success. In this internet era, it should not be difficult to promote your products. You can do it using social media accounts whether they are Facebook, Instagram, and more. It is a good idea also to have an official website. The cargo-bike business can be set up just like other businesses in general. So, you need to create a name and even tagline

Prepare Your Physical Conditions

Being a moving seller or peddler is definitely more tiring than only keeping the shop. Moreover, you don’t use engine vehicles here but riding a cargo bike. Similar to riding a rickshaw, if there are many items to sell, it means that your burden is getting heavier as well. So, there is no excuse for this but you must keep your body healthy. Prepare all things as well as possible. For example, you must have breakfast before starting to sell and take a rest for a while if you feel tired. It is even okay to have some foods and drinks to consume when selling.


To attract and satisfy customers more, sometimes, a seller must approach them first by being a peddler or moving seller. Having this profession by riding a cargo bike is a good idea by remembering many benefits given. But of course, you must prepare all the things well to avoid problems being experienced later.