Stroke is a deadly disease so you should follow this instruction


Take responsibility for your health

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death in America, approximately 34 percent of deaths, some suddenly and almost all of them premature. It’s just four decades down 40 percent, generally due to the treatment of common risk factors. If you have diabetes, your risk increases dramatically you should prevent yourself from the heart attack and stroke and understand its treatment, and your big dangerous mistake might be that if you follow wrong information because this would be responsible for your life.

Know your risks

The most effective risk factor for heart disease is age – you are older, your risk is high. The second is your genetic make-up. Although all genomics research is encouraged by scientific development, their infections are also present in the genes test. But, as I tell my medical students, “A good family history is a test of a poor man’s genre.” We have long been aware that your risk is too high if your parents, grandparents, or other relatives die with a painful illness, diabetes or stroke.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke daily so you are increasing the risk of heart disease, lung disease, and stroke.

Maintain a healthy blood pressure.

High blood pressure is known as “silent killer” because it goes without symptom in more and more people. High blood pressure causes tear and wear of delicate inner lining of your blood vessels. Your blood pressure (BP) is more than your risk. This risk increases the pressure of 115/70 mmHg and it adds to 10 mmHg increase in systolic (large number) and 5 mmHg. Inheritance and increased age risk. Blood pressure in your home to reduce the blood pressure at home shows your risk more accurately.

Monitor your cholesterol

Unusual or high blood lipids (fat) are a major contribution to patients’ illness. Your blood lipid contains LDL (bad cholesterol as Lousy cholesterol) HDL (good cholesterol as healthy cholesterol “) and triglycerides. Lower you’re LDL and you are More than HDL, your prognosis better. Basically the amount of the cholesterol mainly determines by three factors, liver produces the cholesterol (this is the big amount of genetic), the amount of intestinal (some of the food you eat, But it is encouraged at the bottom of the liver and digestive liver from cholesterol produced by it) and, finally, age – your cholesterol grow older. If you are in danger, medicine is always necessary for reducing LDL or increasing your HDL.

The ideal proportion of total cholesterol divided into HDL cholesterol is 3.0. If more, you may need a diet as a cure. The problem with diet is that, in general, it can reduce the total blood cholesterol by just 10 percent. If you have a strong family history or advanced LP (A) (an extraordinary exceptional cholesterol that increases the risk), it usually requires drug therapy.

Limit your calories

Helped in the nearby acne of diabetes, which is a heart disease. If you have diabetes, your risk is as if it was already a heart attack. Obesity is due to using more calorie than burning your body. Stomach obesity is a big risk. At the same time, the daily amount of exercise can decrease. The good advice is “drink slims” (water, tea, coffee).

Make exercise a daily habit

The study shows that one day two miles walk perfectly for the overall health, and these two miles do not have to go. The exercise does more than the burning calories, these genes also function, which are healthy in other ways. Plus, depression and anxiety are one of the best treatments. However, exercises alone can’t control or reduce your weight – you must also change your diet.

Pick your pills wisely

There is a lot of interest in alternative medicine and understanding, so patients want to empower them to take their health. However, due to many alternative medicines, they go to the market. The only fact is that a substance is “natural”, its health does not prove to be beneficial. After all, none of them in their right mind will take arsenic just because it is natural. “It is important to know that research figures are not often for alternative medicines, supplements and vitamins.

The major threat too many alternative medicines are that the patient feels he is doing something to improve the health when he is not in fact. Although some vitamins are possibly shown to help some conditions, no patient’s risk of disease has been reduced till now. There are some rare exceptions, such as fish oil and niacin (vitamin B). It is also important to remember that in some quantities of vitamins some prescriptions can interfere with or counteract the beneficial effects of the drug.

Reduce stress

Stress takes part in heart disease and, if severe, may result in heart attack or sudden death. There are many options that help reduce stress, such as regular exercise, enough sleep, a good marriage, and laugh, volunteer or participate in religious services. Watching TV does not usually leave, but stress has to be increased. In addition, try to avoid situations and people who are worried or angry about you.

Stay informed: Science changes constantly

This is especially true in medicine that new techniques and new insight develop continuously. Do not believe in every piece of “scientific information” in the media or advertisements. A large number of investigative studies that are made in scientific publications are designed to be developed weakly, because of lack of adequate participants. Keep in mind that many studies are interested in getting favorable results through individuals or companies. The situation can be especially confused when scientific studies vary or even result in the consequences and it often occurs.