Such like village of Brazil where those faces are melt who looks towards sun.


SAO PAULO: In a village of Brazil hundreds of people are included in a unique disease which cannot sustain heat of sun and when they turn their face towards sun so as resulted their faces are being burnt.

The villages located in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo people are included in Zyderma (XP) whose skins are sensitive by ultraviolet rays present in sun which is burnt by the heat of the sun and do not refine again but there 20 percent of people are included in intensive pain and reached near to skin cancer. Among them a woman is whose eye has been burnt and has been finished.

According to woman that Sun burns to her eye after being hit from inside the eye gradually began to blister and at last she has lost her eye by this danger disease but before this accident her relative was also lost his life by this disease and her brother and sister both are being hunted of this disease.

Other people of the town are also included in this disease. It is also called the transmitted disease by genetics and so many people also called it the punishment of God but it was said by a Genetic Experts that it is a hereditary genetic disease all of which the gene is present in individuals XP and marriage among the majority of the population has spread at last there is not at all any treatment of it existed while its’ only treatment is to save yourself by the heat of sun.