Super Computers will now predict death.


Doctors are told to the relatives of patients about the deadly diseases of patients that their beloved only can survive more and more this duration.

This is another thing that so many patients are survived more years than the predictions of doctors but now doctors claim that they will be able to predict the correct duration of patients’ survival because in like manner super computer has been developed.

It can determine when the patient’s respiratory strings would break. This super computer was installed in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical, Boston, United States of America.

In this computer 2.5 million people’s data is present which had been treating since last 30 years. The latest medical information about a patient to compare the stored data hereinafter the supercomputer is predicted his/her death.

According to the related doctor of this project that prediction are being proved 96% correct. Super computer said in connecting with many people that they were going to die in just 30 days.

Except one all the patients had been died in 30 days. It was said by Doctor Steve that Supercomputer to get the data, storing and newly acquired data to compare the stored material has tremendous potential.

This machine in every three minutes later from the patient’s blood oxygen levels in the blood pressure collect differently and in just seconds compare the new result with old one disclosed.

Super computers warn the doctors in connecting with patients’ condition in a minute speedily and the patients are treated by doctors according to these information.

It was further said by Doctor Steve that through the computer to compare a patient’s condition, suffering from the same disease living in the past a patient’s data can.

This comparison is made clear on him that patients condition is how much serious and how much patient may be alive. Currently super computers are being used for those patients who are being suffered from deadly diseases.