Syria will Partner US Terrorist War If Assad Says


Syria’s Bashar al-Assad said in a meeting disclosed on Tuesday that Donald Trump will be a “characteristic partner” if the US president-elect satisfies his vow to battle “fear based oppressors”.

“We can’t enlighten you anything regarding what is going on, however they are battling fear based oppressors …, unquestionably we as well, with Iran, regarding Russian characteristic partner to partner by running with different nations, “Assad told state TV RTP Portugal.

The United States proposal should focus on the fight against the Islamic State group’s campaign trump Asked about the comments, Assad said he would welcome such a move but was careful.

“I can state that trust is promising, however he give?” Assad, who said he was talking in English.

“He can be in such manner? Shouldn’t something be said about countervailing strengths inside the organization, the media were against him? In what capacity would he be able to manage it?” Syrian pioneer said.

For us it didn’t presume that he or “That is the reason it can’t satisfy guarantees or not.

“Why do we need to be extremely watchful in concluding that it was not a political position, particularly,” Assad said.

The Wall Street Journal needed to look in a meeting a week ago, Trump “in a threatening perspective of numerous individuals of Syria,” he said.

They assault the United States Assad, Syria’s partner “We war against Russia,” he said.

Assad blames US for obstruction in the issues of different nations.

“They think they are the police. They are the judge of the world. They are not,” he said.