Taxes will affect on Pakistan Telecom Sector


KARACHI: Taxes will affect on Pakistan Telecom Sector. Moody’s service tax on the telecoms sector mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan to flush revenue loss and cause difficulties for low-income declared.

It was said towards Moody in a report in regarding of enough taxes affects to Pakistan and Bangladesh Telecom Sector. That Punjab government imposed a 19.5 percent sales tax on Internet revenue growth will affect this sector.

According to report Pakistan also enhanced ration of sales tax 100 % on the mobile handsets in 2015, although it is less visible in terms of value tax.

But it will have to bear the burden of low-income, Low income and purchasing power in Pakistan regarding the price -sensitive segment.

The huge part of mobile phone users are consisted in contract with such like users. The report working in Pakistan, Pakistan Mobile Communications Ltd ( Mobilink ) and operating in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the Digital Communications Ltd was compared. According to the report the two companies are demonstrating a similar growth pattern, Penetration of wireless services in Pakistan and Bangladesh and other Asian emerging revenue per subscriber.

Countries being less than the increase in revenue for both companies have strong potential. It is cleared that Local experts already over saturated by tax on telecom sector investments have been interrupted.