Test prep and COVID-19: No SAT/ACT in the near future?


Most colleges have an evaluation test for those desiring to join them. To get admitted to the school, you must have performed your best.

Admission to the best college or university is a relevant factor that determines your overall success in life. For you to do well in your ACT or SAT exams, you need to prepare thoroughly.

Millions of students take part in these exams on their path to college. Since you would want to do well in the SAT or CAT test despite the COVID-19 times, you need to have a plan that includes a selection of the best ACT prep courses.

There will still be tests after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Due to forced postponements and elimination of the exams, there are no specified dates for the tests. Buckle up for a smooth ride into what you are supposed to do to perform best in the test.

Tips for SAT/ACT prep test

These tests are administered on behalf of the college board by the education testing board. Best scores can either get you into your college of choice or win you the scholarships.

Here is how to prepare for the exam

  • Use at least two reputable study books. Books are excellent supplementary materials to prep you.
  • Learn the most frequently tested concepts. The good news is that the questions are predictable. By learning the frequently tested areas, you get the upper hand in solving the questions.
  • Plan out a reasonable time schedule. This helps you to allocate each section adequate time for revision. This plan works best for everyone if only followed strictly. Start now and catch the worm early enough.
  • Familiarize yourself with your weak points. You can start with a practice evaluation to help you identify the areas you are not good at. As you prepare for the test, plan on working more on these areas. You need more time on your weaknesses.
  • Do some timed practicing. You will understand your pacing with different numbers of questions and different time limits.

These tips are the gateway to your success as you prepare for the tests. Count on the prep to give you the desired grade. Make use of the internet to access even more resources and have an increased chance to score high. Familiarize yourself with the instructions. Get in the examiner’s head and try to understand what the test-makers expect to find in the answers.

Must have attributes of maximum effectiveness of test prep

This test is used to check the student’s skills in four core areas: English, Maths, Reading, Science, and Writing.  Taking the test is part of the college application process. The exam is regulated and can generally be used to tell the intelligence of the student.

As a student, you aim at scoring the best in the evaluation and secure your place at the college. Both tests are designed to test the skills that are most vital for success in post-secondary education.

The English exam tests the ability of the student to make decisions, revise, and edit texts. The mathematical evaluation aims at assessing all the skills you acquired through previous levels. The reading exam tests the capability to read, incorporate, and reason logically.

Science tests the ability of the examinee to interpret, analyze, evaluate, and solve problems. The writing test is all about the student’s writing abilities.

Types of ACT/SAT prep courses

You might be wondering what the best-credited ACT/SAT prep courses are. The answer is simply this – the best prep courses should be the ones that satisfy your conditions.

Some courses may focus on video content, others on self-study, and others on personal responsibilities. Based on your personal preferences, it is important to find a course that is perfect for you.

Best SAT/ACT prep websites

Here are some of the best websites where you can get the ACT/SAT prep courses to help you prepare well.


Their prices are pocket friendly. You will also love their video classes. With Magoosh, you pay for self-paced courses that fit your schedule.

Magoosh also has very genuine guarantees. The first week is treated as a trial. If you are dissatisfied, you can cancel the subscription at any time during the first week.

The Princeton Review

The site design considers what you need to enhance most in your study. This creates a personalized study for each student.

They have high-quality video lectures. Each video breaks down important and difficult topics into easy-to-understand language and concepts. They use qualified professional instructors in each video.


Their programs are designed using advanced techniques by trained professionals. They uphold the aspect of thoroughly guiding the students. This ensures that you enjoy effective learning.

They also have coaching programs, although there are no self-placed programs.

To briefly paraphrase

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can only access most of the prep practice questions online. As such, it is good to know what constitutes a good prep test site. Consider the price, services offered, and the popularity of the site. Choose the one that suits you best.

Your ultimate aim is to attain the required grades in your test. Ensure your needs are well catered for. Prep courses are a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the exam structure.