The amazing augmented reality glasses invented for blind people so that they again see


Stephen Hicks, a research associate partner at Oxford University, says to see, you need more than eyes. “Even when someone is missing his eyes, he is still a good mind, trying to understand things and take the seriousness of things.

This mechanism means the blind peoples can be helped to see, even as their eyesight deteriorated. To make that possible Hick’s startup, OxSight, the fact that the fact is building glasses that reflect the physical world, is also affected by insight.

Our theory is our imagination, our brain is constantly the result of the process of collecting jigsaw, eyes need to be selected only for special visual tidbits (color, contrast, dimension), and the occipital and promotional lobes will realize the overall picture.

Seeing this through his research, Hicks began with fellow Oxford’s computer vision scientist Philip Torr to create OxSight, which was launched in March 2016.

The couple has developed augmented reality glasses that make partial people feel around them to illustrate the specific insight indicators and relying on the lens in real time.

Using a computer vision algorithm and camera, the OxSight’s glasses can increase the contrast of the image, highlight specific visual features or create cartoon representation of the reality, depending on the condition of they are being used for compensation.

For example, if there are tunnel vision and problems with the color, they emphasize the color, “Hicks tells 43. If you get glaucoma and your eyesight is blurring, this glasses will raise the salience of certain objects.

Hicks says that the biggest technical challenge of OxSight was fixing computer vision software, so it could carry a very little computing power.

“We have improved the system for the use of special cases so that they can work on mobile phone graphics processors,” he said. (Glasses run on Android.)

Aesthetic difficulties for surgery are difficult. They should always look like sunshine: The ideologically impressed people will not tolerate what they stand.

OxSight won a £500,000 Google Global Impact award in 2015, and get the £2 million from angel investor Jiangong Zhang in 2016, this device will be released at the end of 2017.

The company is trialing of glasses performance with several people across the UK. Pilot users, who are troubling from different diseases such as, Retinitis, Glaucoma, Pimentos or Diabetes, they say due to the glasses they may be able to avoid obstacles.

Hicks is so glad about results “Most pilot users are looking to change their lives.”