The Amazing Facial Recognition App Developed


coming soon you will be able to identify a smartphone app ruler see any video or image but the condition is that they are on the Internet.

A firm of London has made an app It match images quickly with database and accounts present on internet and this description brings to show.

The app “augmented reality” is staying recognize a video and also image via the newspaper.

This app shows the social media profile ID during recognize the photo. Thus, players, artists and politicians pick up immediately known etc. The user can recognize your face.

Ambarish Mitra says founder of Blippar app, the system contacts to identify objects and faces augmented reality will change radically. The reason is that our face is the greatest recognition this app use it.

Mitra said that such people will be able to contact each other in a fun way and others will be able to establish relationships based on love and hate thus a newspaper, a brand of fast food associated or a car model will feed the information into pop-up.

Information on the image, informative graphs, also comes in which you’ll be able to add to your profile out Favorite Items. App launch with more than 70 thousand musicians, artists, writers, scientists, player and scholars, information and other photos were submitted to identify user can also create a profile on “augmented reality” like Facebook profile.

Further work on this app and expected to be presented at the public in the next two weeks.