The American Women had been foiled, who was married with 8 men one time.


NEW YORK: In the different communities of the world men’s more than one marriage is not a surprising thing, but an American women’s more than nearly dozen comprehending Pakistani were shocked to all, according to an Arab website 39-years old “Laina Bartonas” got her first marriage with namely Muhammad Jibrail in 1999, while hers’ last marriage was held in March 2010 with a namely Kita person which was appeared, in regarding of her marriages 2002 has immense important because in that year she got married with 6 men including Pakistani and Bangladesh, in the list of husbands Egypt , Turkey , Georgia , Mali and men Czechoslovakia Slovakia men are included, before marriage with 6 men in 2002, she was wife of two men and after gotten 6 married she had been wife of 8 men.

When police was known almost it then arrested her out of sight American city New York Bronx Colony. She was appeared in court as the unnatural crime foiled numerous marriages were sentenced him to 4 years in prison. According to American prosecutor, in 2001 she was married with Bangladeshi Nasad Habibullah, in 2002 February she was married with Divot Cilantro after it one month Cats dap and in 2002 she was married with 8 men who were belonged to different countries all over the world, it is cleared that 2007 likewise incident was taken place 26-years old Aiwa married with 10 men at a time, she during the 2002 and 2006 in exchange for 18 thousand dollars per capita had multiple marriages.