The Average Level of Education for Different Industries


Education is very important to succeed. There are so many subjects in which you can get a degree. Having a college degree is highly important. But different industries require different levels of educations to enter. The demand for having a higher degree education is increasing. People are trying getting the highest degree available so that their chances of getting into a specific field increases. Also, the ratio of men and women is not equal for everyone. There are certain industries where men are present at a higher rate compared to women. Here is infographic available that will tell you about the average level of education you need to enter into an industry. The percentage varies according to the work environment and physical effort needed.


The infographic has details about the top five industries and how it is shared between men and women. With the increased competition, getting into a college has become difficult. The tuition fee is very high. And to get a higher degree you need to go abroad. But there is the solution to that. You can get admitted to online MBA programs Canadawhile staying at your home.