Lighting plays a vital role in the growth of your plant. Whether the harvest would be good or bad is decided by various factors, lighting being one of them.

Now the next question posed to you is that which lighting should you choose for your indoor plants? Should it be fluorescent glow light or high-intensity discharge (HID) glow light or whether you should opt for LED glow light? This article will provide a holistic view and help you single out from this diversity.

  1. Fluorescent glow light: They are cheaper, consume less electricity and provide great light spectrum for growing cannabis. As the light can be kept just a few spaces away from the plant, they are a great choice for short spaces. But the cons outweigh the pros. The greatest one being low efficiency. Fluorescent glow lights give smaller yields per watt than the other type of grow lights. The light from these lamps does not penetrate deep into the plant so they are best suited for plants that have been trained to grow short and flat.

Fluorescent lights are a great choice for young plants, supplemental lighting but when it comes to flowering or budding stage an HID or LED will provide you with a better yield.

  1. High-Intensity Discharge( HID) Grow Lights: HID lights are more efficient and most suitable for the flowering stage. They can be hung at the right distance from the plant and there is little need to adjust the lights all the time. Again the cons are just to behemoth for unanimous use of this device. These lights generate a lot of heat. In order to protect your plants from concentrated heat production, an additional arrangement for cooling has to be made which adds to the overall cost of the setup. Moreover, they have the exhaustive paraphernalia which makes them too bulky. Fluorescent lamps consist of a blub and a fixture while LED lamps are just lights but an HID comprises a bulb, external ballast and an extra cable.

HID does provide a good lighting option for the cannabis especially if the main goal is to get the highest yield possible but taking into account the extra bulk they bring alongside makes one look at other options.

  1. LED grow lights: LED grows lights are very popular among cannabis growers as an alternative to HID grow lights. They usually come with built-in cooling and, can often be plugged into a wall and simply hung over plants which are definitely easier than setting up an HID grow light. LEDs also have great penetration so they don’t need to be moved frequently like fluorescents. At this size, LEDs consume less electricity, run cool and need almost no setup. They get better yields than fluorescents but don’t run as hot as an HPS of similar wattage. Check this website for the best LED grow lights.

So after the above deliberation LED does seem to be a better option for indoor growing. As a rule of thumb always make sure that LEDs contain some amount of green or white light (full spectrum light). Never buy an LED lamp that has diode only for red and blue lights. It has been found that plants that grow in the absence of green or white light are very prone to nutrient deficiencies and thus have an adverse effect on the yield.

LEDs can’t be supplanted when it comes to quality, potency and aesthetics. Full spectrum LEDs produce more vibrant cannabis plants, providing more robust colours and emphasizing the range of natural hues in the plant. LEDs, thus provide you with a better yield and help you relish the fruits of your labour with a euphoria unmatched.