The Best Free Game Ringtones (And How to Add Them to Your Phone)


Is your ringtone still the default ringtone on your phone? Have you ever been impressed with a piece of audio in your favorite games and want to use it as a ringtone? That is quite possible. If you want to own ringtones like this, follow the article “The Best Free Video Game Ringtones and How to Add Them to Your iPhone” below.

The Best Free Game Ringtones that you Should not ignore

Currently, owning a unique ringtone is extremely necessary to express the personality of each person. Good ringtones originating from famous games are one of the ideas that many people made. If you love classic games and its sound but don’t know how to download them, please join us. We will bring you the greatest music.

The ringtones are derived from classic games that seem to be enjoyed by a lot of people

Mario Ringtones

In our childhood, Mario was a classic game. We are sure that this is a game of everyone and the best game of all the time. One of the most distinctive features of this game is the sound. The sound of this game is a great soundtrack and all people like it. 

To find out what is this ringtone like, visit our website and search for the keyword “Mario Ringtones”. You can easily download this ringtone and install it on your phone.

The Legend of Zelda Ringtones

The Legend of Zelda is the second ringtones that many people loved. An incredible series of adventure pictures, fantasy stories and challenging puzzles is the unique feature of this game. Besides, the heroic and powerful sound in accordance with the above characteristics is also loved by many people. Whether you play this game in the original version or the modern version, you will definitely be impressed with the Ocarina of Time ringtone. You will find this ringtone at our website. Now, it’s easy to own a ringtone of the game we love.

The ringtone from the game The Legend of Zelda Ringtones is highly praised by many music experts for its technical and emotional features.

Pokemon Ringtones

If the above ringtones are suitable for call ringtones, the Pokemon ringtones seem more suitable for message tones. Come to our website, you can fastly download this Pokemon ringtone. With good sound quality, small capacity, it is extremely fine for your phone regardless of your phone using any operating system.

Sonic the Hedgehog Ringtones

The sound of the Sonic the Hedgehog game is very amazing. Previously, there was a user who provided compressed files with all the sounds from this game on the SonicRetro forum. But they are not named correctly. Some of the most popular sounds and music in this Sonic the Hedgehog game will be collected and given below:

  • Sonic 2 — Chemical Plant Zone
  • Sonic 3 — Angel Island Zone Act 1
  • Sonic CD — Stardust Speedway Present (USA)
  • Sonic 1 — Collect Ring
  • Sonic 2 — Checkpoint
  • Sonic 1 — Jump
  • You can download ringtones of this game according to our suggestion list

    Donkey Kong Country Ringtones

    You may not know it, but the sound is the highlight of this game. Accordingly, DKC Atlas collected all the sound effects of DK Country to use in this game. Some of the outstanding sounds about this game include:

    • DK Country — Forest Frenzy
    • DK Country 2 — Hot-Head Bop
    • DK Country 3 — Rockface Rumble
    • DK Country — Character Change
    • DK Country — Bonus Room Opened
    • DK Country — Level Clear

    Enjoy the Best Free Game Ringtones with us!

    The above tracks are currently available on our website. You just need to use the keyword on each track and search. Related suggestions will appear. Just press download, the ringtone will be immediately attended on your phone. For iPhone phones, you need to download audio files to your computer. 

    Our website allows users to download any famous ringtones

    Then you just must connect your phone to your computer and transfer the ringtone from your computer to your phone. So, you already own your favorite ringtone. It will ring whenever the phone has any signal.

    Currently, our ringtone store has surpassed one billion. These ringtones are not only derived from classic games but also from good songs, from the best movies of all the time. We follow the latest trends in the world and regularly update the newest music that users can set as phone ringtones. Phone top ringtones are set as a characteristic of each person. You can impress to your friends around with a unique ringtone. That is wonderful!

    Now you have everything you need to replace boring ringtones with classic sounds and game music. There are dozens of other games with wonderful sound. So, feel free to replace any sound by your favorite ringtones. If you need a little inspiration, the best game ringtones will also help you relax, study and work better!