The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances For 2020


With every meal comes a memory. Every seasonal holiday a celebratory dish is made for the household to enjoy. Spending time in the kitchen can often be hectic, however, with the help of the new kitchen advancements, new products are coming your way to make the time you spend in the kitchen not only easier but also exciting!

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

With the help of the “ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide,” you can set the perfect temperature and time. Then move on to other tasks rather than having to wait and keep an eye on your food. Once the work is done, an alarm will go off indicating that your meal is ready along with everything else. To purchase this product you can shop online and have it shipped to your address!

Reviews: 4.5/5

Price: $179.95


“Zimplistic Pte. Ltd” has introduced the product known as the Rotimatic. The Rotimatic allows people all around the world to create flatbread, known as “Roti”, in less than a minute! This product helps the process of making a roti to be faster and overall more efficient. This automatic food robot will add a next-generation feel to your kitchen as this is fully automatic and requires a very less effort to operate. Many families have already upgraded their kitchen to this advanced food robot. It can make rotis in minutes, only you have to add flour, oil and water in its different compartments and press the button. You will see magic with this device.

It can be purchased online and sent to your location within a certain period. latest rotimatic reviews state that the product in itself is worth it’s price.  Not only does it produce the perfect roti but it also kneads the dough for you, three simple ingredients create the perfect product. This is why the Rotimatic reviews are all positive and lead to the 4.7 star rating.

Reviews: 4.7/5

Price: $1,000

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

While sitting at the dinner table, your warm drink often gets cold fast. This isn’t the case with the Ember Smart mug! This mug has a capacity of 10 ounces of liquid and can heat your drink to up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Introducing this product to your kitchen will not be a mistake and will leave the dinner table satisfied. The Ember Mug comes with a complimentary coaster and is easily hand washable. This product can also be found online.

Reviews: 3.9/5

Price: $80


Ecomo Fount

This product is made to purify your tap water in a short amount of time. Recently, many articles and news updates have been released explaining that tap water is harmful, that’s where this product comes into use. The Ecomo Fount is a cheap and sustainable way to purify your tap water and to change its temperature. Now, you can drink clean water without worrying about the harmful tap water. This product can be bought online and in electronic appliance stores.

Rating: 4/5

Price: Unavailable

AeroGarden Farm

Purchasing fresh greens for your meal repeatedly isn’t a problem anymore with the help of the AeroGarden Farm. This is an eco-friendly area that you can add to your kitchen to grow up to 29 plants at a time! Providing nutrients to the plant at specific times is also made easier as the device automatically provides light and water. Now, when needed, just pick out the plant of your choice and add the freshly cut plant into your meal. To purchase this sustainable device, you can search online for an easy buy or go to an electronic application store and buy it from there.

Rating: 3.9/5

Price: $699.95

Range Digital Thermometer

This product makes it easy to find the temperature of your dish even while it is cooking. Connect the device to your smartphone and the temperature will be displayed on your device screen. With the help of this thermometer, you won’t need to use a normal thermometer and wash it repeatedly. You can just attach this one to your device and see the results immediately! This can be bought online and in electronic stores.

Rating: 3.8/5

Price: $69.95

Amazon Microwave

This product is connected to your Google voice device and is easily used by voice command. Your job is to insert the dish inside the microwave and then speak the command to your device. This allows your time to be used efficiently especially if you are occupied in another task as well. In the scenario that you don’t know the time and temperature to heat a certain dish, leave it to your Amazon microwave to do the work for you. This product can be found online and delivered to your location.

Reviews: 4/5

Price: $59.99

Smarter FridgeCam

This product is inserted inside your fridge and then the image is displayed on your phone screen. In the scenario that you find yourself at a supermarket shopping for what you don’t have, this device comes to your advantage. Never forget what you need with the help of this product. The Smarter FridgeCam is also efficient and created to adapt to the temperature inside the fridge causing no complications, just easy and efficient use! This product can be bought online and sent to your area, or it can be bought directly from an electronic application store.

Reviews: 3.4/5

Price: $99.00

Make your kitchen modern and easy to use with the help of all of these easy and efficient kitchen gadgets! None of your time will be wasted and your kitchen experience will end in yours, and everyone else’s satisfaction as well. All of these products are available online and are easily shipped to the location of your choice, the whole process is easy to use and makes your money worth it. For more kitchen tips you can follow Rotimatic on Facebook.