The Bollywood Actor Ranbir Singh was tweeted hence Operation Theater.


MUMBAI: The Bollywood Actor Ranbir Singh was tweeted from operation table, which is shown that how much bollywood stars are crazy regarding social media, Ranbir Singh was surprised to his fans by doing selfie post, consequent to detail, recent days Ranbir Singh was wound during filming “Bajirao Mastani”, in a Mumbai’s hospital his left hand operation was done, he commenced to tweet out of sight operation theater.

It is cleared that Ranbir Singh did not do a single tweet while he did thrice tweets, in the first tweet he shared his photo on which it was written that “live from operation theater”, later he tweeted that in a minute he will be unconscious by doctors, and in his last tweet he wrote that needle has been placed on his neck and he has having a panic, because herein after his operation had commenced. Ranbir Singh is a Bollywood Actor who is very active on social media, he had also shared his different photos on sharing website instagram. The shooting is being continued without Ranbir, priyanka Chopra is ready for its shooting after coming from America, except Ranbir Singh in this film Priyanka Chopra is also comprehended.