The charter of UN is the world compass, Ban Ki-Moon.


SAN FRANCISCO: It was said by Ban Ki-Moon Secretary Journal of United nation that the charter of UN is considered the world compass. The goals must be political will to remove the barriers while Malala Yousuf Zai is the guidance torch for the new generaration of era.

Approval of the Charter of the United Nation while at the seventeenth anniversary. It was said by him that UN Charter to bring the world closer to a symbol of the hopes and aspirations. By signing this document he received the founders of the United Nations which was understood impossible. It is the responsibility of today’s world. For the good of all the collective efforts be erected.

Malala ceremony, Nancy Pelosi, California Governor Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee also attended. The Ban Ki-Moon by the US Supreme Court allowed gay marriages declared corresponds to the significant progress forged on human rights.