The complete guide to the advanced Seo



When we come across the word SEO (search engine optimization), we mostly think about the title tag, heading, images, keywords and other basic level SEO. What we don’t think is about advanced SEO.

The new blog blogger has only limited knowledge and resources, he would consider the basic level SEO as the ultimate SEO guide which he needs to master to rank his blog or website. But in reality, that is the first stepping stone in the SEO.

If you don’t have any knowledge about the SEO than this post is not for you. First of all, you need to master the basics of SEO, then put your hands towards advanced SEO.

Advanced Seo.

So here I have compiled few of the advanced SEO tips which will help you to stand out and would prevent your blogs failure.

1. Increase your website speed.

According to Google, they have started using the speed of the website as a ranking factor. The blogs or website which take times to load will rank lower.

According to Google, they have started penalizing the slow loading websites but there is no ranking advantage for the fast loading websites. The Google is giving priority to the user experience, anything hampering the user experience will be demoted by the google.
You can check the speed of your website on:

Here are some tips for increasing website speed.

2. Technical SEO.

After setting up a speedy website. Check technical SEO if there are any errors, correct them as soon as possible.
The technical SEO is an integral part of Advance SEO. In order to check the SEO login to the Webmasters or Search console. Check under the section of crawl errors about DNS, server connectivity, and robots text fetch.



Some errors and 404 are acceptable but more than that need to tackle.

3. Using LSI Keywords.

The LSI Keywords are the keywords which are related to your keywords and when you search for those keywords Google shows the result for some additional keywords. These are LSI Keywords ( Latent semantic indexing), to offer best user experience Google shows up all the related at the bottom.
Make sure that you add proper keywords and LSI Keywords so that you rank on all these keywords.

4. Long blog post.

Actually, it’s contradictory to the human behavior. It is believed that we want the things too we precise and small but according to Google ranking. The post with more than 2000 words tends to rank better than other. The average word limit of post on the first page of Google is more than 2000.
The long post tends to rank higher because they contain all the information for a particular keyword and long post often contain more of LSI Keywords which is a favorable factor in respect to advanced SEO.

5. Use of infographics.

The infographics is a way to express huge content in the form of the images which make the content short and presentable. The infographics are in great use and demand today. According to reports, the infographics get 2 times the shares and backlinks from other domain so make sure to add infographics to your blog.

6. Writing practical and unique content.

This is the most basic skill of advanced SEO. It’s not necessary to post each day. It is advisable to post less often but the post which you deliver must be of high quality and practical. The practical post gets around 2 times more views than the unpractical post. you may check Article by free plagiarism checker.
Make your to adds lots of videos, screenshots, and images in your videos to make it go viral.

7. Making backlinks.

After all, this comes the father of SEO making backlinks. Google consider backlinks as a trust reason, more the backlinks more are the ranking. So go fierce in making backlinks for your website.


These were some advanced SEO techniques which you need to follow to outplay other and rank yourself on the first place of the Google.