The Custom of Marriages between Dead Bodies in China


BEIJING: It is just unbelievable that the Corpses of girls and women are taken out from their graves and are married with the corpses of men. After marrying, these dead bodies are once again buried inside their graves. These unprecedented incidents have increased very much now.

According to the superstition, people in China think that, if a bachelor leaves this world, he faces problems in the other world. That’s why the deceased who died alone, is married to a girl’s or woman’s corpse and after marrying, the girl or woman is interred in the same grave of man or abreast.

It is also common in ancient Chinese civilization that if anyone dies without getting married, his soul strays here and there bothering relatives. That’s why many families look for ‘ghost brides’ for their deceased Bachelor. After finding the ‘Bride’ the family buries deceased girl or woman in the same grave of their loved ones or next to him. According to their beliefs, all the badness is averted and the family is protected.

In various different parts of China, after the death of a single person, silver statue of a woman, a statue of plastic and other such items are buried along with the Bachelor’s body. This is the most practiced way in China as the digging the grave, taking out the dead body of a girl or woman, doing the make-up work, putting on the new clothes and burying in the grave of the Bachelor, costs lots of money. This process also includes several health risks as well.

Many unauthorized groups are indulged in this work. They steal the dead bodies of girls and women and sell them to those who cannot meet the high costs due to the growing demand of such bodies. At the moment, a corpse,s cost in Pak Rupees is Rs. 10 to 15 Lacs. In 2011, 4 such people were arrested who took out 10 corpses of women from graves then sold them. They received approximately 40 Lacs from these corpses.

In China, to avoid the desecration of women’s dead bodies, families are burying their loved ones in the far way mountain areas instead of graveyards. Some people make cemented graves and make fences of barbed wires around the graves. Even some people have installed ‘CCTV’ cameras.

It is clear that in China the dead women and dead men’s wedding has banned in the year of 1949. However, these events have increased in some areas over the last several years. In Hainan and Shanxi provinces of China, in the last 3 years, 30 incidents of taking dead bodies from graves have come in front. Remember that the Custom of Marriages between Dead Bodies in China is enhancing day by day.