The deep connection between air filter replacement and your health


We love changing flashy cars and our iPhones, but we don’t enjoy changing our air filters as much. Many of us tend to neglect the need for regular replacement of the air filters in our homes. After all, air is air, right?

You can’t be any wronger. Not every air is safe for breathing. This is why you should prioritize your indoor air quality, thereby saving yourself unnecessary breathing complications and avoidable respiratory issues.

The air in your home is not always as peaceable and harmless as it seems. Inside it is a jostling pack of pollutants from mold, pet dander, pollen, and even bacteria. This can immensely shrink the quality, making breathing more arduous, especially for your little ones or your asthmatic housemate.

Well, we understand that having to replace your air filter with that your coveted $50 which you have already budgeted for your next cinema date isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do. This is why we find it pertinent to point out to you why replacing your air filters regularly is non- negotiable.

Let us start with pet dander

Of course, we know you love your pet. They can take a bullet for you and you for them. Pet dander has a way of collecting around the house. Basically, pet dander comes from the dead skin your pet sheds. Worrisomely, this dander can spread around your home.

Pet dander is a nightmare for people suffering from pet allergies. This can instigate unenviable experiences likes runny nose, constant sneezing, coughing, and nasal congestion. It is even worse if your loved one is asthmatic as pet dander is a renowned trigger.

The good news is that when you maintain premium air quality inside your home by relentless air purification, the risk of a respiratory attack is downsized significantly.

This is achieved when you regularly change your air filter so they are always excellent enough to do their job. While changing your air filter to reduce the effect of air dander, you would do well also to clean hard surfaces. These filters should be optimally changed every three months.

Definitely, you can forget to change them when due given that your head is already congested with meeting milestones at work. It is thus relieving that you can readily to an air filter subscription service to autonomously manage the replacement or renewal of your air filters for you.


Dust and pollen are not your nose’s best friends

Yes, it is hard to rid our homes of dust and pollen. Pollen and dust can be a biting menace if you are allergic. By changing your air filters regularly, you can wake up from the nightmare of pollen and dust.

Going by revelations from the EPA, we tend to spend 90% of our inside a building where dust and other pollutants like pollen have a 3x-5x more concentration than they are outside. Regularly changing your filters possibly via air filter subscription saves you this malady.

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