The Difference between Pod Mods and Vape Mods


Scientists and experts confirm that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes. According to a survey carried out by Ernst & Young, people turn from traditional cigarettes to vaporizers because vaping is less harmful to their health. Amongst those who had the propensity to cigarette addiction, 49% used vapes to quit their habit of smoking.

Due to vaping’s perceived health benefits, the vaping industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. Also, more products are starting to pop in the market for enthusiasts looking for a varied vaping experience. As such, the vaping tech is advancing very fast.

Currently, there are two types of mods for vaping enthusiasts to use – the pod mod and the vape mod. These are two distinct devices with varying capacities, delivering a unique pleasure and flavorful cocktail of essences. Knowing the difference between these two devices will help you determine where your vaping journey should go next. It’s also crucial if you are a novice vaper because understanding the difference between a pod mod and a vape mod will guide you through the basics.

The Visible Difference Between a Pod and a Vape Mod

One of the visible distinction anyone will see with the two devices is their size. Though both form factors come with an easy to carry design, a pod mod is meant to be taken in the pocket.

Vape mods are designed explicitly for sub-ohm vaping by using a vape juice. Vapers even have the option of using freebase nicotine with a higher content of vegetable glycerin, thereby creating thicker and voluminous clouds.

Smok is one of the famous brands offering quality electronic cigarettes, ever since the company started in 2010.

Pod mods are ideally used for vaping with nicotine salts. This method of vaping is because of the system’s low power configuration. Pod mods also don’t have sub-ohm coils, which makes them compact.

They don’t have big batteries, unlike a vape mod which almost covers the entire device’s surface. Also, using nicotine salts with a sub-ohm vape mod is not advised because it will release too much nicotine and create adverse aftereffects.

Smok has excellent choices of vape mods and pod mods that caters to everyone’s needs.

Vape Mods are for Hobbyists and Pod Mods for Quitting Smokers

Unlike the previous years, when people used vaping to quit smoking, the trend has already become a lifestyle. Vape mods are the better option if you’re trying out new devices with different e-liquids, and various atomizers. The market for vape mods is quite extensive, so it’s not hard to customize your device.

Moreover, vape mods have become a hobbyists’ companion, and it’s suitable for people who’re genuinely interested in sustaining their vaping habits. Pod mods are designed for people who’re trying to quit their smoking habits. They are inexpensive and can be used with nicotine salts that are adjusted to correspond and have the same effects as cigarette smoking.