The drama queen Meera Pakistani actress’ numerous emotional reaction on declaration marriage propaganda of the Imran khan’s the winning world cup’s former captain of Pakistan.


The former winning captain of Pakistan cricket team and the leader of well-known party PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf) was being criticized by several days by so many news that he want to married with a bbc weather girl Reham Khan.

Ultimately, it was voiced by the captain that marriage is not a crime, it is a Sunnah. He has accepted it that he is going to married with her but during the Peshawar attacks he and his party was really mourn that’s why he was silent at that time. He declared that he has talked to his children he will announce any good news in this week so far.

This narration is always kept confidential by Imran Khan but finally it has been proved by the several reports that he is interested to do it with Reham Khan.

It was voiced by the drama queen that she is agreed to marry with a captain and told media that they should want to take Imran’s opinion what does he want?.

But unluckily, he announced to marry with else, the drama queen was fallen in deep sorrow, been so emotional, and initialed to cry when she heard that declaration. This is not at all fault of Imran Khan Miss drama queen always try to be very popular among the people through media so, she is have and discussed a lot of issues and problem on media with her awful English.
Watch vedio of meera’s reaction on Imran khan’s marriage.