The former t20 winning captain rehearsed that New Zealand gifted stuff to Peshawar School’s victim he is going to visit there to share them and be part of their artless parents.


KARACHI: On Monday, 22nd December, Younus Khan the former T20 winning captain beated Srilanka, T20 world cup at lords, with his best leading in 2009 and become the Hero of the nation.

He voiced that he will be visit to tarry the parents of the innocent, artless & naive martyrs of Peshawar timely.

The batsmen of the middle order also stated that the New Zealand team was likewise, sadder on the frightened on the massacre of children, which was not only the massacre of those infactly, it was the massacre the whole nation.

He enlivened that A prize money of the fast bowler Adam Milne, and the prize money of five matches connected with have gifted by them for the endurance of the Peshawar assassination victims. Those beast animals will be the hunted by Pakistan Army as soon as possible (ALLAH WELLING).

The legendary batsman further expressed that if 2015 world cup can bring to home, it is undoubted if the youngsters are steered and led skillfully and accurately.

Ultimately stated that the plans were made for his retirement, which will be expounded by him infra.